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January 13, 2024

How to go to San Blas from Panama City ?

Few tricks to reach san blas islands Panama

1. private plane from albrook airport Panama until Corazon de Jesus san blas panama

It s the fastest way to arrive at the paradise of san blas islands Panama

2. Another way to reach san blas islands Panama is to contract a transport company to book a space in a 4×4 taxi to san blas panama

The land taxi will bring you to cart port in san blas panama from here a water taxi will bring you to your boat or your cabaña to san blas island Panama

All Details, schedule, and Prices Here

San Blas islands Panama map

Navigating through the San Blas Islands can prove to be quite challenging due to the intricate cartography involved. With a staggering count of 365 islands forming the San Blas archipelago in Panama, the task of pinpointing your intended destination on both traditional maps and digital platforms such as Google Maps becomes a formidable endeavor. This complexity is further compounded by the recurrence of familiar names across these islands.

A case in point within the San Blas Islands of Panama is the ubiquity of the name “Banedup,” which resurfaces across various archipelagos. Adding to the multifaceted nomenclature, each island often boasts three to four distinct names: one in the native Kuna language, another in Spanish, a colloquial label, and occasionally a personalized moniker. Therefore, when employing a map of the San Blas Islands, it is crucial to rely exclusively on the Kuna designations, as these are the sole appellations depicted.

It is important to acknowledge that most cartographic representations of the San Blas Islands are prone to inaccuracy due to the sheer volume of information encapsulated within limited spatial confines encompassing 365 individual islands. To gain an accurate perception of the dispersion of these islands within the Panamanian panorama, we highly endorse the Eric Bauhaus book, an exemplary resource that presents a comprehensive San Blas Islands map. This guidebook can be an invaluable companion should you embark on a self-guided tour of the San Blas Islands, providing continuous navigational aid throughout your journey.

Should you entertain the idea of engaging a water taxi service to facilitate a tour of the San Blas Islands, the process is remarkably straightforward. The islands boast a network of indigenous water taxi operators, all of whom possess an intimate understanding of the geography. These skilled mariners do not rely on conventional maps for guidance, as their familiarity with the region is unparalleled. This renders them capable of orchestrating an immersive and informed exploration of the San Blas archipelago.

An alternative approach to experiencing the allure of the San Blas Islands is to charter a catamaran or sailboat. This mode of exploration enables a comprehensive exploration of Panama’s San Blas Islands, offering an unimpeded panorama of this captivating expanse.

Luxury San Blas islands

If your desire is not visiting the san blas islands,  you can also enjoy some luxury san blas islands.

Some kuna are starting to target a higher class of tourists and propose some luxurious cabañas with services and activities such as volley ball, paddle board, fishing or of course san blas islands tour.

Most of the place are simple in san blas islands it s a little percentage of kunas who target a higher level of services and activities in san blas islands Panama

Let s say a 5% of the activity is luxury san blas islands the rest is a nice initiation to kuna life style.

If you are looking in san blas islands for an hotel you ll find few class of san blas islands hotels

Few of them are back packers hotels with dorms most of the time you ll find them in the kunas village of the san blas islands.

A bit off shore on the islands you ll find some other kinds of san blas islands hotel like giant cabaña where can sleep 12 persons.

Or in few san blas islands, you can find some luxury cabañas with private bathroom.

You ll not find any big san blas islands hotel  they all have a small capacity

On the road to san blas panama there is an eco lodge hotel km11 with some waterfalls it s called Pachamama and it s a nice combination with san blas islands panama.


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