Learn to sail in real conditions 

6 sailing courses modules

Our Sailing School will teach you the Basics Knowledge and Practices of Useful Skills before buying your catamaran and starting your trip.

Cause dock a boat or grab a mooring sometimes is not so easy, cause  weather conditions can change your navigating approach. Learn to sail  in real conditions during your cruise and before to buy your boat know how to navigate safely.


Gitano del mar catamaran san blas

What We Do?

You need to choose differents modules for differents needs. Choose what you want to practice:

Our Teaching Modules

Differents modules for differents needs. Choose what you want to practice:

Anchorage, mooring and docking

1 hour theory 1 hour practice

explaining all different technic of anchoring
catching a moring
or docking
pratcice each student will have to realize
1 perfect anchoring
1 perfect anchoring rope to the shor
1 perfect mooring catch
1 perfect docking catch

Sails adjustments and tacking

1 hour theory 1 hour practice

theory explanation how does that work
circulation of the wind and turbulence
principe of tacking

you sail we tack each 10 min and look for best adjustment in any situation

Man overboard

1 hour theory, 1 hour practice

explaining all the risk of Mob and how to avoid them
description of all procedure to rescue a Man over board

mob in lagoon calm water and 1 practice in open sea real condition

Diesel engine maintenance and troubleshooting

2 hours theory, 1 hour practice

description of the diesel engine principe

salt water circulation
coolant circulation
oil circulation
starter and alternator

daily check

most commun fails
how to detect them easily

make a daily check
find a fail

Theory navigation chart

2 hours theory, 2 hours practice

navigation chart
how to read a map
how to make your position
how to make your route
how to calculate variation and deviation
how to estimate your drift
how to orientate

pratice on a map

Security on board, first aid, snorkeling accidents, fire

1 hour theory, 1 hour practice

what to do in case of fire
see different cause of fire
see different case of basic accident
how to save somebody in the water
see different scenario

Boat collision boat crashed
abandon the boat or no
survival technics

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