San Blas islands : 3 amazing places where to stay!

Are there hotels in the san blas islands?

Where to stay in San Blas islands ?

First the first where to stay before going to san blas islands?

Be aware that you will have to wake up early (if you are coming from europe it will be easy)
Why to wake up early to reach the San Blas islands?
Because there is only one road going to the independent province of Guna Yala (San Blas). What is also the reason why only 4×4 are allowed, no one want to have the whole province blocked because a car is stuck in the mud)
Because also the lanchas to reach the islands and boats have schedules of departures.
So, you will wake up early. Depending where is your hotel you can save around 2h of transport the D day.

1) The classic is to take a room in an hotel in Panama city.  (pick up by Taxi at 5h15am)
They are comfortable Some hotels are even luxurious. The perfect start for a cruise in San Blas. You can visit the town, do a cruise on the Panama canal, eat at the restaurant, or shopping.

2) You also take a room in an ecolodge somewhere on the unic road going to San Blas, closer from the entrance of the kunayala comarca (San Blas).  (Pick up by Taxi at 7h45am)
There is a Jungle ecolodge  named Republica Pachamama who offer some private cabañas for cheap prices. It is only at 35 minutes from san blas port of carti where you will have to take a lancha to reach an island or a catamaran.
The jungle ecolodge is basic private cabanas (like the one from San Blas) but amazing nature around. Ideal for those who want to see monkeys and colorful birds. Or walk the trail to reach the fertility waterfall in the jungle. It is named “fertility waterfall” because of a legend/tradition.

3) An other possibility is also to take a room around Tocumen airport . (Pick up by Taxi at 5h45am)
It will be closer to san blas than panama city 2hours from san blas port, but be sure to be on the way to the unic road to San Blas iskands because the taxis will take you more money to drive you at San Blas

Price of the transfer from panama city to San Blas islands

130usd/pers round trip is basicly the price for land transportation with the water taxi included.
You ll need also to add 22usd for kunas tax at the entrance of the commarca.


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San Blas islands finally



we recommand Masargandup island



We suggest if you like nature and want to relax to take a cabana, there is diffrent standing of cabanas, we like the cabanas from Iguabi island


charter boat

Charter boats to San Blas islands  are available all year long. you can choose a monohull or a catamaran, we suggest to choose catamarans because of the space offered. we recomand catamaran San Blas to book with

kuna village san Blas boat trip
sailing benefits

You did the transportation, and here you are finally. San Blas islands! Welcome in paradise!
Once in san blas you will discover that it was true, San Blas islands are virgin, no hotel to sleep, no bank or ATM, your credit card is now just a piece of plastic, and internet is like the electricity something rare. Don’t panic, a panel of accomodations are still open to you.


Some islands accept camping. You come with your own canvas and you cook for yourself and use the sea as bathroom
That s the cheapest way to visit sanblas
Not all the islands accept this type of campin but some do.

Other sanblas islands also propose camping area with shower and toilet, food services. Some islands supply the  canvas and mattress
Prices are really differents from one island to the other one.

Private cabanas

There is also an island with private cabañas, school and church you ll find some accomodation type dorms for a reasonable price.
On the islands name Chichime you ll find big size cabañas who can accomodate up to12 persons
Also some private cabañas for 2/4 persons are available.

On islands like the isla iguabi you ll find nice private cabañas under pilotis with solar panel totally autonom and face to the lagoon. (Electricity) The price is more important but also the comfort.

If you wish to visit differents islands don t worry. Water taxis are provided by the place where you sleep and you can do island hopping this way.

Catamaran Charter

The other famous option for acomodation is chartering a boat or just rent it as houseboat

There s a large panel of boats offering thoses kind of services in san blas islands
The most famous and recommendable is obviously Catamaran San Blas. The price is the same than passing directly by the owner of the boat but you have services on top, like the help to book the 4×4 and water taxis or the booking of a plane to reach San Blas islands from Panama city.

Most of the yacht that you can hire in San Blas islands are professionals captains owning the vessel. Most of the time they are crewing with their wife. There is no nautical industries or big yacht charter company in san blas.
Just owners who want to enjoy sanblas with their own boat and share their passion with passengers and travelers.
You ll find a large choice of catamarans from 35 to 60 feet, from economic to premium.
Also some monohull for the true  purists.

Chartering a boat in san blas is the best way to discover a lot of differents spots enjoying the motions of navigating on a giant lagoon. A bit like US and British virgin islands but this time with 370 islands sprayed around.
Most of the boats propose to visit the first area of san blas islands from porvenir to nargana but if you want to visit more further you need to take a longer journey and being sure the captain accept to go there.
There are also some boats making the schuttle to colombia so you can discover san blas enjoying the navigation and ending up to colombia.

Buy your own boat to visit the San Blas islands

Last solution of accomodation is buying your own boat and spend the next 6 month in san blas islands, live the experience deeply from the inside, have adventure and why not, cross the canal and visit Polynesia.
In this case we recommand you to find the boat (no comission, owner to owner)

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