Panama Fertility Waterfall vs Science

Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science  :   Can a waterfall affect fertility and help me conceive? What does science says?

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Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science

Can a fertility waterfall help me conceive?  what does science say?

The question is relevant because the phenomenon is not isolated. 3 waterfalls in the world are known to have beneficial or even miraculous effects on fertility.

Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science :
We will look at the Fertility Waterfall and try to be as objective and scientific as possible.

At first glance the question “can a waterfall make fertile and help conceive a child” seems laughable. We are tempted to answer without having to think about it, that a river or a waterfall cannot help with fertility. But the mysticisms are tenacious, several legends are attached to the fertility waterfall of panama, there is even a children’s tale that speaks about it and the number of people recounting pregnancies after their stay at the fertility waterfall forces us to dig deeper to find a rational answer to this phenomenon.

Here are the results of the study of the land, the water and the different factors that surround the fertility waterfall.

clay and fertility panama fertility waterfall

Clay and fertility

sun and fertility panama fertility waterfall

Sun & Fertility

maca and fertility traditional drink Maca Buena

Maca & Fertility

temperature and fertility panama

Temperature and fertility

aport and fertility trek to the fertility waterfall panama

Sport and Fertility

Fertility Waterfall Soil analysis

Clay and Fertility

It was first necessary to study the land, the soil study revealed very high levels of lateritic clay. So far nothing abnormal for a waterfall in the jungle. Indeed, the equatorial climate is fed by almost daily rains, the rivers often have extremely high flows. The soils are often leached, which over the centuries creates the red-colored clay characteristic of fertility waterfall. This color indicates the presence of iron oxide in significant quantity. The other soluble minerals are carried away in the water currents. The result is a fairly poor land where introduced plants find it difficult to grow while endemic plants and trees grow with a wealth of biodiversity and disconcerting ease.
Clay can therefore be a starting point, as it has a good reputation for fertility. In fact, detox cures for the ovarian tubes are based on clay and clay poultices are also recommended before pregnancy. The clay of Fertility waterfall has the specificity of having a very high iron content, which is also prescribed as a cure by doctors in preparation for procreation.

Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science : It is a point. But it is not sufficient to explain the whole phenomenon of the Fertility Waterfall.


Sun : Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science

Fertility Waterfall and Climate

Then we looked at the vegetation that surrounds the fertility waterfall. Its natural vegetation is dense forest, commonly called jungle. Parts of the forest are home to truly extraordinary biodiversity (up to more different tree species over half a square kilometer than all the temperate forests of Europe, and North America combined!)
A good understanding of the reasons for these exceptions is necessary to discover what all the potential factors for the evolution of biodiversity are. It appears that the factors related to latitude appear to be important. Species diversity increases towards the equator and decreases towards the poles. So of course, the human being is not a plant, but it has been shown that climate and weather play an important role in how we look at our day. The intake of sun does not only bring cheerfulness, it also provides vitamin D. This is important in terms of fertility, for women in particular. This is because some of the cell receptors that pick up vitamin D are present in the endometrium and in the ovaries. Observations, in vitro, show in particular that vitamin D simulates the synthesis of female hormones (progesterone and estradiol) involved in reproduction. So yes, we are not plants but like any living being on this planet our body is receptive to its environment. An ideal would therefore be to be exposed to the sun but in a temperate place. This corresponds to the climate of the Fertility Waterfall of Panama which is located on the mountain at an altitude of 400m and which is therefore spared from the heat but benefits from the radiant sun.


Chance up to get pregnant if you stay in a sunny place 1 month before starting the procreation
sun and fertility panama fertility waterfall

6 hours max

Researchers at the University of Trondheim (Norway) searched the civil status of 9,000 people, at the same latitude (63 ° north). The study topic was :  strong ultraviolet radiation vs fertility and increases infant mortality. In question: a deficiency in vitamin B9. The researchers put forward a few explanations:

they discovered that ultraviolet radiation modifies certain molecular and cellular mechanisms. Strong solar activity tends to reduce the level of vitamin B9 (folate) in the body when you are exposed more than 6h by day

Ultraviolet and Fertility.
Dr. Frank Vandekerckhove (reproductive medecine professor) made a study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction. The topic of the study was : the influence of the weather on the procreation. The researchers studied the results of 6,000 in vitro fertilizations (IVF) over a six-year period, comparing them to weather conditions in the month before starting treatment.

During the less sunny periods, the birth rate stagnated at 14%. But the figure rose to 19% when the weather improved. In question, vitamin D and melatonin, which play a role on the quality of the eggs and on the female reproductive cycle.

The Belgian team observed an increase in the fertility rate when exposed to the sun for between four and six hours per day, but not more. In total, women trying to conceive in sunny weather have a 35% greater chance of success, according to the researchers.

Fertility Waterfall

Real or Legend?

Does a waterfall can help you becoming pregnant?

Maca and Fertility

Fertility Waterfall and Maca

Food is the basis for strong fertility. We are not going to elaborate on this evidence. Much study has already been proven. We are going to focus on a particular food which is Maca. This plant native to Peru is used to prepare the drink traditionally served at the bar of the fertility waterfall farm ” The Macasca” This information did not seem interesting to us at first because our study concerns the waterfall not the farm. The facility is owned by an indigenous family and is the very last stop accessible by car before the Fertility Waterfall hike, and travelers routinely stop there to park their cars, get ready or rest. The vast majority there consume the local drink “Maca Buena” a drink made from Maca.

3g of Maca

It is possible to buy Maca capsules in pharmacies to be taken daily which contain usually 300 milligrams of active product. For comparison, we found that the drinks of Macasca served at the Fertility Waterfall Farm contain on average 3g of Maca per glass.
maca and fertility traditional drink Maca Buena


It is therefore important to take this fact into account in the rational explanation of the question: “can a waterfall have an influence on fertility” in this case for the Fertility Waterfall of Panama. The Macasca cocktail served at the bar next door probably have an importance in the cumulative factors.

Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science : Maca consumption is therefore indeed an important element of the Fertility Waterfall phenomen, but it is due more to environmental factors than to the Fertility Waterfall itself. So we cannot ignore this factor but it cannot be added to our study.

Maca / Fertility and Science
Maca is a root like the potato. it was first cultivated for its nutritional value. Maca can also be dried and powdered and keeps wonderfully.

A 2017 study of men between 22 and 44 years old showed that consuming 1.5g of maca powder per day for 3 months resulted in an increase in sperm volume, associated with improved sperm quality and sperm mobility. It has also been shown to have virtues on erectile vigor. But these last effects are more related to the aphrodisiac character of the plant than to erectile powers.


For women maca has impressive virtues: maca has regulatory properties on hormones. And especially on progesterone, and estrogen. Maca has been shown to improve endocrine function by regulating the functions of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Maca powder is rich in phytoestrogen and stimulates the glands (the endocrine system) to produce the hormones the body needs.
Studies have shown the action of maca and its effect on the balance of FSH and estrogen levels.
Maca has been shown to affect the thickening of the uterine lining to promote better grip of the fetus. Maca is also consumed by women during menopause, to regulate the disorder.

Sport and Fertility

Is sport good for fertility?

it has long been thought that sport was harmful to fertility. It is a received idea. On the contrary, especially for men, physical activity offers better sperm quality as well as a greater quantity.

It is customary for couples who want children to hike to the Fertility Waterfall and camp there for a few days bathing in the waterfall.
The hike is about 30/45 minutes. It is not a complicated trek, but it requires physical efforts to reach the Fertility Waterfall.

Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science : The argument of physical activity to scientifically justify a benefit on fertility may be correct, but only if the stay is long, and hiking (or other physical activity) is practiced daily



increased sperm volume by practicing sport  (30 min 3 or 4 times a week)


seminal fluid increase by practicing sport (30 min 3/4 times a week)

75 %

Of higher sperm concentration than a sedentary person by practicing 15 hours of sport per week
Men fertility / Sport study
An Iranian study sought to define the intensity of physical activity most beneficial to male fertility by testing a panel of men aged 25 to 40 years. Three different levels of exercise. The experience lasted 4 months:
A first group with moderate intensity training.
A second group with intense training.
A third group with high intensity interval training.
And a fourth and final control group not practicing any physical activity.

The results showed that physical activity significantly improved sperm quality with lower markers of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Continuous moderate intensity training was found to be the most beneficial (30 min 3 or 4 times a week), with sperm volume increased by 8.3%, and sperm volume increased by 21.8%. The sperm were found to be more motile and exhibited fewer morphological abnormalities.

Ritual : Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science 

The fertility ritual requires the couple to throw a coin into the river before swimming up to their waist. This allows us to raise another point. “Bathe up to the waist” why not up to the neck or just the feet. The answer is in the temperature. The water in the fertility waterfall is very cool. And it is above all the gentleman who is targeted here. The immediate effect of the cold on the testicles makes them go up. It is a response from our body to protect sperm. The production of sperm is not compatible with heat, which is one of the reasons why they are produced and preserved outside the body, to stay ventilated at all times.

American study:

Temperature vs Fertility.

A study carried out from 2000 to 2017 on 656 American men showed that heat plays a key role in fertility. Starting with the choice of underwear. Indeed: The figures of the study published by the journal Human Reproduction, are unequivocal. People with the best spermograms most commonly wore underpants (53%). The rest, at 47%, regularly wore tight underwear, boxers or tight briefs. The same goes for those who sit too long every day.
cold water showers are recommended to improve fertility, and therefore bathing in the waterfall has the same beneficial effect for sperm production but in a more fun way

Conclusion : Panama Fertility waterfall vs Science

panama fertility waterfall legend
Can a waterfall scientifically influence fertility?

The answer is No. But we have been able to demonstrate a rational explanation for this phenomenon of pregnancies following stays at the Fertility Waterfall which is therefore not linked to any mysticism, but to the accumulation of environmental factors that surround the Fertility Waterfall and which obviously has an impact on fertility and therefore contributes to the popularity of the place.

we should also not forget the psychological aspect because the simple fact of going at the Fertility Waterfall as a couple. Even without really believing in it is interpreted as a romantic moment and a sign of commitment. Therefore, the projection of the idea of ​​becoming a parent can influence or accelerate the desires to procreate and explain why pregnancies occur in the year.

Mysticism, or science’s response, it’s up to you to make up your own opinion. The fertility Waterfall farm has just started a guestbook to collect messages from happy parents.

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