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October 25, 2022

luxury in San Blas islands : Premium 50 ft Charter boat

luxury in San Blas islands


Visiting the San Blas Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and booking a luxury catamaran is the best way to do it. At Catamaran San Blas, we offer three 5-star vessels for a premium experience. The captains and crew work to the highest standards to give our guests the ultimate luxury San Blas Islands trip. You and your family and friends will sail the gorgeous blue sea and visit the region’s most beautiful locations in the comfort of a magnificent catamaran. From a private chef to air-conditioned rooms, this opportunity is the pinnacle of catamaran charters in the San Blas Islands.

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Why Choose a Luxury San Blas Islands Catamaran Charter?

he San Blas Islands are a remote archipelago in Panama. Although the region consists of more than 365 islands and cays, it is largely uninhabited (only by the 30,000 Kuna people) and has minimal infrastructure. Sailing is the primary way to see the archipelago, but the boats need to be entirely self-sufficient as resources are minimal. That’s why choosing a luxury San Blas Islands catamaran charter is the best option available.

You won’t find any other charter options as spacious, adventurous, or memorable. These catamarans are tailored to the needs of everyone on board to ensure world-class quality. No matter how remote your vessel sails, you’ll have a slice of premium luxury and relaxation.

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What Your Luxury San Blas Islands Catamaran Includes

Full Crew

Our luxury catamarans include three crew members (standard charters only include two). You’ll have a captain who knows the San Blas Islands like the back of his hand. He will have a full sailing itinerary planned and ready for your trip, but you’re more than welcome to make travel requests. The captain will be accompanied by an expert sailor. The sailor will be there to assist in sailing tasks, take you on land by dinghy, and prepare all the water toys you’d like to use. When it’s time to eat, a private chef will create mouthwatering dishes (more on the chef below).

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Private Chef

On every luxury San Blas Islands catamaran, guests will have a phenomenal chef. The charter includes three meals and all-day snacks and beverages. Using fresh, local ingredients (fish and lobster are purchased from the Kuna people), the chef will serve unforgettable dishes. Meals will be altered for anyone with dietary restrictions to ensure all guests are taken care of. Without a doubt, the outstanding food will be a highlight of the trip.

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Spacious Cabins

The rooms on board (located in the hulls of the vessels) are spacious and air-conditioned. Each cabin has its own private bathroom and shower. Thanks to the water makers on board, guests can take long hot (or cold) showers to freshen up after a wonderful day of sailing.

Water Toys

Your captain will take you to stunning islands where coral reefs keep the water nice and calm. For anyone interested, the sailor on board will prepare a number of water activities, like kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. The San Blas Islands are known for having vibrant sea life, and you’ll have the chance to see several exotic species. Lifejackets and water shoes are available in all sizes (children included). Your onboard sailor can also take you around in the dinghy to visit small islands and cays.

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Spirits, Liqueurs, and Cigars

A luxury San Blas Islands experience wouldn’t be complete without a little alcohol. Your catamaran will be fully stocked with top-shelf spirits, liqueurs, and beers. The crew will make sure you always have a cold drink in hand. For the full-on experience, take your cocktail made from fresh fruits to the flybridge and light up one of the fine cigars that will be available on deck.

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Price of a Luxury San Blas Islands Catamaran

A weeklong luxury catamaran charter costs around $25,000 for six people. We do offer twelve-person charter experiences, and you are more than welcome to book a vessel for just one couple. The price includes three meals, snacks, drinks, alcohol, water activities, sunscreen, and more. It is an all-inclusive experience with a professional crew that will give you the best look at the San Blas Islands.

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Top of the Line Vessel

One step onto your luxury catamaran, and your expectations will be exceeded. The three premium vessels (including the largest catamaran in San Blas) are new, clean, and breathtaking. Depending on the catamaran you choose, each boat can comfortably fit 6 to 12 people. There will be a galley and elegant seating area inside where you can relax and enjoy midday snacks. On the upper deck of the vessel, guests can spend time on the gorgeous flybridge (the area where the helm and outside seating are located), looking out at endless views of paradise.

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Private Flight to San Blas Islands

Getting to the San Blas Islands is an adventure in and of itself. You’ll take a 4×4 to the port, where a water taxi will transport you the rest of the way. However, if you’d like to make the journey to your catamaran as easy as possible, you can take a private jet or helicopter. The trip only takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll be on your boat in no time. Click here for more information on how to reach the San Blas Islands.

Whichever method you choose to get to the islands, you’ll start your journey in Panama City. Here is a list of some of the best hotels in the area to begin your vacation in style.

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Ready to Book Your Luxury San Blas Islands Experience?

The most popular time of the year to take a luxury San Blas Islands catamaran trip is from December to February. Our vessels book up fast, so make sure to reserve your charter in advance. If you’re ready to book the trip or have any questions, you can click the green WhatsApp icon below for assistance.

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