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October 5, 2022

Charter to San Blas islands Panama : 3 great hacks to spend less money

Charter to San blas islands Panama is one of the best spots on this planet to do boating

Why to do a charter in San Blas islands?

Because the wind is mild all around the year there s no Hurricane passing by Panama. The water stay warm and confortable all year long. Even when it is “winter”, even when it is raining, the sea didn’t drop under 28°c in San blas islands.
No big waves, the corals barriers act like walls and protects the islands of San Blas from uncomfortable waves.
Life is also peacefull in san blas islands, a REAL disconnexion (no joke). Here no noisy motobike, no roads, banks doesn’t exist, credit card are useless and the notion of time is relative.

What to expect on a San Blas islands charter?

You ll find a large choice of charter boats in san blas islands, they represent a large variety of services and prices.
There is no major yacht industrie in san blas islands just private yachts directly skipped by the owners.
Since the amount of charter boat is growing up in san blas islands Panama, you can choose to travel economic or premium, from antic (and reliable) boats to the last fancy models
So you can decide what is really adapted to your expectations and budget to visit the san blas island, Panama.
An other advantage of chartering San Blas islands is the price,: all the “extras” like having an healthy juice in a Kuna bar, buy from fishermen the lobsters “from the sea to your plate”. All these kind of extras are affordable in San Blas islands (ex: $2 a beer
$8/10 for a meal with fresh fish). Kunas are arists by tradition and culture. Artcraft is everywhere and a fair price for this unic type of art.
The season for charter to San blas islands Panama, never really stop, so, you can come any time in the year. Of course, if you plan to spend Christmas and New year in San Blas islands it is smarter to reserve early because it is the high season. Places under the sun are limited.
sailing benefits
san blas islands panama
modern catamaran san blas islands
Chartering the San blas islands Panama started around 25 years ago some payoneers of charter have started offering the san blas islands even before the asfalt from the unic road reaching san blas has been built. 25 years later, it is possible to reach San Blas by plane. Local companies offer private flight around 180usd/pers per trip
The charter in san blas islands is doing a beautiful rising since the famous “ la casa de papel ” from netflix, showing the paradisiac island “isla pelicano” as the shelter of the hero.

Charter to San Blas islands Panama the best destination of caribbean

Charter boats to San Blas islands Panama

The crews from the charter boats of San Blas islands Panama are from all nations and it is a rich environment (especially for food on board)
Mostly all crews speak english and spanish in sanblas islands but all nationalities are represented on board.
The kunas don t speaks english but mostly understand and can speak spanish in the touristic area, their language stay the Guna they ve around 2000 words in their vocabulary and their language is pure and full of humanity.
The turists chartering the san blas islands leave the place full of good memories and souvenirs. They definitely are the best advertising of san blas islands.
The welcoming kuna people is a key of the success of Sanblas islands. Locals are friendly, they take advantage from tourism and are actually still living peacefully and traditionaly. It is a rare and beautiful mix of new and old school.
The charter boats are a good income for locals they can sell artcraft and fishing. Some customers choose to spend 3 days on a charter boat and 2 or 3 more days in a local cabana at the end of the trip.

How long to charter in san blas islands?

More you can afford more you should take it s not somewhere where you ll come back next month
There are 365 islands in san blas that s a lot to charter so don t be shy on the timing if you can afford it
A 3 days trip is the minimum we recommand. The time stopped when you arrive in san blas and incredibly past faster again when you are having good time

Best Deal Hacks

Ask for a 3 days charter boat trip around the islands the more far away from the shore and instead of coming back at carti dock, take 3 more days in cabanas on the islands the closest of the shore.

You will have a week on san blas islands for a really good price

Booking hacks

Bookers are here to help you, you will pay the same price passing directly by the owner or using a booker. Bookers have comission from the boat to reserve a charter to San Blas islands. The money don’t come from your pocket but from the boat, so, don’t be shy, using à Booker to plan your charter to San blas islands panama will not cost you more and you will have services and help to plan everything and it will be easier to compare the boats

When to reserve?

Charter boats to San Blas islands  are available all year long, if you want to be alone, come after April. You can save money by taking a shared trip for 2 persons. And be lucky and have no-one else on board.

If you plan to spend new year on board reserve before September to have more choice with the catamarans.

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