Reproduction dolphin

Birth and Nursing of the Dolphin

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How do dolphins reproduce? Do dolphins breastfeed? How are baby dolphins born?

Dolphins are polygamous mammals, which like bonobos and humans enjoy having sex outside of breeding.
The mating is done vertically, belly to belly, lasts about thirty seconds and looks like a dance. Dolphins like other mammals like humans or Bonobos have same sex relationships as well.

Remembering the evolution that caused them to lose their legs and become marine animals 40 million years ago, dolphin embryos have 4 small legs that retract and disappear as they grow in the belly of their mothers. Gestation lasts 12 months and the mother only gives birth to one baby per gestation. The dolphins have pregnancies every 2/3 years.


Dolphins birth

Delivery of the Dolphin

The female gives birth on a shallow top, which allows her to breathe more easily and makes the baby’s first breath easier. She is assisted by 2 or 3 other female dolphins, who like “godmothers” have followed her everywhere since her 5 months of pregnancy. (period when she started to distance herself from the other members of the group). The “godmothers” will take care of the baby dolphins when their mother needs to go hunting for fish.
The baby dolphin is born caudal fin (tail) first. This allows him not to drown during childbirth, because remember: Dolphins are mammals like us humans, and have lungs. They’re just much better at freediving 😅.
Depending on the species, the dolphin needs to breathe every 30 seconds for the youngest up to 10 minutes for some species.


Delivery of a Dolphin
Amazing nature.


Birth & nursing of the Dolphin

The baby dolphin weighs between 30 and 40 kg at birth and measures around 1 meter (4 feet). The mother cuts the umbilical cord by turning abruptly after expulsion. It then pushes the baby to the surface, because having empty lungs, it sinks naturally.
The baby will be “independent” concerning breathing within 30 minutes of birth. The baby dolphins begin food diversification around 5 months and breastfeeding lasts 2 years.
Since dolphins do not have lips to suckle their mothers, breastfeeding is done differently. For obvious hydrodynamic reasons, the female dolphin has the mammary glands inside her body. (Don’t try to imagine it otherwise, it’s scary.) On the same level as her reproductive organs. It is hardly noticeable to the eye. The baby dolphins comes to nudge his mother a few times to indicate her need to drink milk, and his mother will expel the milk that the baby dolphins will swallow by rolling up his tongue like a sort of gutter or straw. Lactation will last around 2 years and the young dolphin will be adult and suitable for reproduction in turn at 6 years for females and 11 years for the males.

Dolphins breastfeeding

Dolphin Breastfeeding
This women often swim with this dolphin family. She sing to communicate with them. She captured this sweet moment. The new dolphin mum present and breastfeed her baby.

Don’t give your money to dolphinarium.

We believe Dolphins should live in the Nature. We propose catamaran tours to San Blas. The occasion to see them naturally in freedom.

Dolphins swim around 40 miles by day, they need space. In nature they live around 40 /50 years. In captivity they live only 20 years.

Firstly, dolphins travel up to 70 km every day. They have a huge need for space, which even the most spacious water parks cannot provide. It is also important to understand that park dolphins were not born in captivity but were too often torn from their families. Dolphins are “pack” mammals, they have a language and each individual communicates with others through their own sound. they begin what could be compared to a sentence with a sound unique to each dolphin which represents their names sometimes accompanied by the “name” of their mother. many (especially females) live their entire lives with their families. Tearing them away from their groups to make them throw balls and jump in hoops is just cruel.

It is also important to understand what causes them to have a nervous breakdown. their sonar is very advanced, they use it to locate and navigate. the powerful signal emitted by the dolphin bounces on what it encounters (boat, fish, shore). in captivity, unfortunately, their sonar, which is far too powerful for such small spaces, bounces off the surfaces of their aquarium and reverberates endlessly (or almost). This tends to make them mad or depressed and explains the accidents with tourists during their “scholarly tours”. depression ends up killing them before their time. In captivity, a dolphin rarely lives more than 20 years when in the wild their life expectancy is 40 to 50 years.

So, if you wish to swim with dolphins please don’t do it in captivity. Watch them in freedom if you are not lucky enough to see some, you can still feel happy to dont feed animal cruelty and give bonus points to your karma.

Panama has a vast aquatic fauna of which dolphins are of course part. it is not uncommon to see them in the San Blas. If however, they were to be rare. It is now conceivable to ask the captain of your private catamaran cruise to raise the sails and go a little further offshore in order to appreciate the spectacle of their games with the ship, the most natural spectacle just for ou.


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