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About the modern BALI 40 

 The Bali 40 is a new generation of boat. Its design is resolutely modern and access to the cruise in warm waters. It has been designed from natural ventilation to the configuration of spaces, thinking of hot climates. This is how you can enjoy a 360 ° view from the inside and you can also sit high up and admire from the piloting platform the view of the turquoise waters of the San-Blas or have a nap on the top sun loungers. Another surprising novelty for this most modern catamaran: the traditional front trampolines has been removed to reclaim the space. This is how 4 comfortable and soft sun loungers have been added at the front. Also 2 tables and a really large bench that can allow dining from the front of this BALI 40 with the gentle breeze of the tropics on your skin. This type of arrangement is resolutely unique to the Bali 40 and 45 and offers another way of appreciating the spaces, which gives the feeling of being in a catamaran larger than what it is. 

 Successful bet for the Catana shipyards which gives us the perfect catamaran for a tropical climate. For all those who are accustomed to catamaran cruises, this is a very valuable step forward.

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Bitcoin option payment

payment can be done in dollars US or Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a volatile currency, it is why our prices are indicated in dollars, the conversion is done at the payment daily rate 

Crypto-Cruise to San Blas 

 Welcome to the new world.

 Do you believe in the future of a global currency? We do. We believe in the future of cryptocurrency.

 We offer private catamaran cruises to explore the San Blas Islands with Bitcoin as payment. (don’t worry we also accept traditional credit card as payment) We believe that Bitcoin is an ideal currency for our clients. No need to exchange your euros, pounds, or Swiss francs, for dollars. A most disconcerting secure payment facility. And the peace of mind offered by the anonymity of your spending. Finally globalization can also bring good.

It is for these reasons that we offer modern payment facilities as Bitcoin for your private cruise on board of one of our most modern boat “HAYASTAN” a Bali 40, in one of the most beautiful sunny destinations on the planet: the San Blas Islands. Hayastan is a catamaran from the famous Catana shipyard. Jump straight away from the living room of this Bali 40 into the warm, crystal-clear Caribbean waters. The San Blas Islands are one of the jewels of the western indies. A still untouched environment, an ancestral culture and a most surprising open-mindedness.

How to secure my Bitcoin payment? 

 As you know the payment in Bitcoin whether it is buying a physical product like a house or a service like a Catamaran cruise is irreversible, there is no going back. So how do you make sure that when the arrives you get what you paid for?

 It is very simple, you paid only when you step on board. that allow us to reassure our new customers. A deposit of 20% is required to confirm the reservation of your cruise aboard “Bali 40”, which is the same procedure as dollars or euros payment.

 The freedom and security that Bitcoin offers to pay the bill only when you arrive on board. Because of the speed of payments (10 min) offered by Bitcoin transfers. This fast method of payment makes possible to offer this service, So, you can pay while you are drinking your welcome cocktail and tasting some tropical fruits on board. You will have been able to verify by yourself that the service offered is the same as presenting online.

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San Blas cruise aboard HAYASTAN Bali 40

Bitcoin Private Charter


All Inclusive cruise to San Blas

Bali 40 Specifications

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Your professional Captain JP is an experienced skipper, throughout the Caribbean since 25 years and 10 years in
San Blas. He knows all the best places to visit depending of your mood of the day. Languages : English, Spanish, and French.

Bali 40's Chef

Hayastan crew uses bottled water for your drinks.  The meal are prepared with quality and with fresh and local ingredients, let us know your preference for food and your allergies. The cook always add love in the preparations, it is a detail but it change everything.

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  • Your modern cruise catamaran BALI 40 is a BALI 40 feet, from the French yacht brand Catana. this modern catamaran is, 40’/11.93m long and 20’/6.72 meters wide.

    BALI 40, the Caribbean catamaran
    This catamaran was clearly designed for tropical climat. because all the spaces and aerations are really well thought. A forward saloon replaces the traditional trampolines to offer more comfort to the guests, the rear bulkhead can be completely raised (exactly as if you could open the entire wall of your house to better appreciate the view of the garden) Bali 40 offer a direct view of the sea and allow to recover the space of the traditional cockpit by offering an extremely spacious lounge for a 40-footer .
    this boat is even surprisingly spacious. its ultra modern design gives it a classy and refined look, it is a proprietary version, which means that one of the two hulls is occupied by a double huge cabin. the cabin offers a dressing room and a large bathroom. Bali 40 is ideal for a family of 6 or for a honeymoon in the San Blas Islands.
    The second hull offer 2 double cabins with 2 private bathrooms


  • snorkeling equipment
  • 2 paddle boards
  • backgammon
  • motorized dinghy
bali 40 hayastan private catamaran trip to Guna Yala 370 islands

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Read the cruise story of a family who travelled with us last winter, it will help you to figure out what to expect from a private cruise on Onatigle.

OUR Services

What look like a cruise with us

Water activities

You can snorkeling or do kayak we also have on board wakeboard material and fishing equipment

Quality Meal

Our cook use fresh and quality products, we also buy fresh fish and lobster (during the season) directly to the kuna, from the sea to your plate.

Paradise islands

Take the vacation you deserve, admire one of the most beautiful places from one of the most beautiful boat. 


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