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September 30, 2022

Amazing San Blas islands Panama

The San Blas islands are based in Panama. This archipelago regroup almost 400 islands on turquoise clear water. This islands are sprayed on 3 distinctive areas.
The San Blas Islands of Panama are considered as a dreaming destination because of the configuration, topology, and culture totally unique.
The San Blas islands are really close to each other what make them an ideal sailing destination for a charter catamaran. Because of the commerce of coconuts the islands are recovered by hundreds of coconut trees what give them a attractive appearance and the gem of Panama.
All the San Blas islands are pretty flat and unfortunately will disappear on the next 50 years because of the sea level and global warming.
They are all covered with fine and white sand coming from the imposant coral reef. The reefs combined to the shallow water offer this beautiful turquoise color to the sea and the abundance of fish protected from the fishing industry by the Kuna people who are still living with their ancestral and sustainable cultures and traditions.
bareboat charter in San Blas islands
kuna san blas islands panama
kuna woman san blas catamaran adventure
The Kuna people from San Blas island Panama are a proud community. Claiming their independence and their freedom. They didn’t had any money for decades and used to live from the coconuts trade. This is the only place in the world where the coconut is still today a stable currency.
Kuna community is a matriarchal community They are open minded people, and the San Blas islands of Panama are a “gay friendly ” destination.
It also the area regrouping the more albinos people in the world, who are there considered as a guest from the gods to protect the community and a blessing for the family. Know more about the legends of San Blas islands of Panama and Kuna culture clicking here.

San Blas islands Panama the pearl of caribbean

Kuna woman Panama sailing charter
San Blas islands Kuna way of life sailing trip san blas islands

Travel to San Blas islands Panama

San Blas islands are an ideal family destination, are often considered as “Polynesian looking” archipelago. This Caribbean archipelago is the most important, preserved and beautiful group of islands of the Caribbean.
If you already experienced to sail the Bahamas, the US Virgin islands or the British Virgin islands. You will discover in San Blas islands Panama what is the next step on beauty.
What mean sustainable living, what is the authentic tribal culture and what look like a destination escaping from tourist trap and souvenir “made in China”.
We suggest when you go there to take charter catamaran to do island hopping with comfort for 3 days minimum, what offers you to visit the islands far from the Panamanian shore (here is the link to see the boats)
after your 3 days trip, rent a cabana for 3 more days, to enjoy a full week of San Blas and support the sustainable way of living of Kuna people.
We propose to help with the transfer from Panama city to San Blas, but you can also go by yourself if you have a 4×4 to drive Guna Yala (only 4×4 are allowed to drive in Guna Yala) if you want to know more about transfer, how it works, how much it cost, what is the kuna taxe and how much it is, how long does the transfer takes, and what to expect, have a look to our post ; How to reach San Blas islands Panama

Souvenir Hacks

everything is handmade in San Blas islands Panama. you will come back with unic souvenirs

Food Reviews

On Land the food id somple but tasty, the Kuna people are welcoming people and always do their best to make everybody happy on board, you can decide with the cook before the charter about your preference and have custom meals

Boats Reviews

We have different catamaran standing, choose what fit your budget and your expectations.


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