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July 24, 2020

Adventurous Travel In Panama Package tour


You want Adventure? You want some vacations to keep in memory for ever? You are probably looking for something different from the usual Panama tours trips. We have the ultimate adventurous travel sail trip Of course it’s nice to appreciate a classical private cruise in the beautiful San Blas islands, but if your budget is not sufficient or if you want something a bit more exiting. We propose an adventurous 5/6 days Sailing trip.

The Panama / Colombia Tour

Our adventurous travelling tour package involve : *A 4×4 tour to reach GunaYala province cause this is the only cars authorized in the kuna territory. *A water trip in a Lancha to reach the boat in San-Blas *We start with a simple catamaran sailing trip to feel the boat and appreciate the San-Blas islands (the most populars islands like perro and pelican) then, instead of staying with the other San-Blas tour operators we start the real adventure and go to the other islands (San-Blas are more than 365 islands) far away from mainland and tourism, it’s an other Kuna culture) *Then after this 3 days of tribal life and discovery, kayaking and snorkeling in turquoise water, come the main part of the adventurous tour: A REAL sailing trip, between 2 and 3 days (depend of the weather conditions) of open sea. Just our boat in the Caribbean sea, no stops, no lands, just the pure Sailing and fishing trip. Of course there is a professional and experienced crew to secure all the operations, but this is an adventurous tour, so, you will have to rise the sails, do the manoeuvring as a team, do the watching, fill the log book. The captain will give you advices for handle a boat and tips for adapt to the weather conditions (yes we are speaking about real sailing adventures). And you will come back of this tour trip with an amazing experience and a real knowledge of sailing (open sea is a unic and different experience from the usual charter boat)

  • You will finally reach Colombia where you will have the choice to stay there and visit or not the country before to take a plane back home or just spend few days in Colombia to visit this extraordinary country and book a trip back with us to practice your fresh knowledge and return home by the Panamanian airport 6 days later. If you are use to book charter boat, you probably know the week price of a classical charter boat (if not I invite you to ask google) so, take a sit, you will fall in love of the next information : We propose the whole 5/6 days trip for 1350$ by person food included (simple meals but in quantity and tasty)
  • You don’t have to be young as much as healthy, young at heart and energetic to take part.

Join us in Adventure

So, come on board, Explore desert islands, immerse yourself in unics tribals cultures and venturing out of your comfort zone on a life-altering trip probably the best form of travelling. From discover an other way of life to navigating hair-raising turns along the Caribbean sea. Enriching Adventures in unfamiliar locales offer profound experiences and knowledge that shape your perspective of the world and yourself. Build reals memories.

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