sailing vs mental health

7 Sailing benefits for your health

Sailing is good for you (you alredy know it) but do you know why?

discover 7 good reasons to go sailing.



Sailing Benefits

sailing and brain analysis

Sailing benefits for your mental health

Science has just confirmed what our body suspected: the sounds of nature are good for our health, especially the wave sounds.


The wind in the trees, waves crashing at the edge of the beach or even the lapping of the water. You are not the only one to have felt a feeling of well-being listening to these natural sounds.

A Canadian study has just highlighted their positive effects on morale, stress, pain and even intellectual performance.

Published in the scientific journal PNAS, this study was conducted by Carleton University under the direction of Rachel Buxton.

They find out :

“We tend to look at the acoustic environment from the perspective of noise pollution and how it disturbs flora and fauna. Many of us biologists are very interested in the opposite: what are the benefits of a natural acoustic environment?”


Sifting through all the surveys and experiments conducted in the past on these issues, Rachel Buxton found that natural sounds caused an 184% improvement in overall health and a 28% drop in stress levels.


At the top of the list of sounds with the most positive effects on the health is water and birdsong.

Sailing fight anxiety

Sailing is a Physical activity and it has a positive short-term effect on anxiety. About 20 minutes of sailing leads to a state of relaxation and well-being that persists after the end of the practice.
More generally, the practice of physical activity strengthens confidence and self-esteem. which has the benefit of reducing anxiety, stress and the risk of depression. one of the best sailing benefits for sure
sailing benefits
sailing benefits for your family

Sailing connects you to the reel world

To say that we all are caught up in the digital world is a cliché and a trivial observation. For better or for worse. Fortunately, sailing have the benefit to puts you back to real life. To reconnect your mind with reality. That is a priceless sailing benefits


Sailing gives you confidence

Feeling able to move using the wind, will give you the benefit of the confidence of being useful, and strong.

It is not about muscles because wind is always stronger than you. It is about being smart enough to know how to play with the wind and adjust the sails as you need. experience gives you this sailing benefit

self confidence and sailing
sailing teach you effort

Sailing gives the taste of effort

One really good benefit about sailing is the taste of effort : Navigation is a great way to demonstrate the concept of effort/reward.
Life on board, storage, organization, physical effort, chores on board…
Sailing is the best way to learn how to be “lazy smart” because you will quickly understand the purpose of these efforts which are ultimately quickly rewarding.


Sailing is an adventure

Sailing is never boring. Even if you know the place, the wind, the sea is always different, and you feel what mean adventure. finding your place on the ocean and steering a sailboat…

These are the seeds of adventure that should grow in the heart of every big child.

The adventure is at the end of the bow! And the adventure fell you being in live. 

sailing benefits
sailing with kids

Sailing helps you to build strong family links

Like all deep experiences, sailing build links.
when you share with someone else strong emotional moments, this type of share stays in mind for really long term.
It is something you can remember all your life, something unique and eternal.
Sailing is clearly one of this special moment that you can keep in mind for ever.
There is no better place where conversations, laughter and shared silences play out as naturally as on board a sailboat. the stenght of your family link will be the sailing benefit

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