— Why you shouldn’t book any cruise to San blas islands


10 good reasons to Don’t travel to San Blas islands

Your friends just come back from Panama and told you San Blas was amazing?! They lie! Or they re blind! Here all the truth about this destination. 10 good reasons to Don’t travel to San Blas islands.

San Blas. Someone know where is that?

It start like this, your friend will tell you, we go to San Blas, to do a cruise on a catamaran, do you join?

Where is that? Ha yeah Panama, central America. I knew it! 

So you do… And book a cabin cruise or a private charter to visit San Blas.

Big mistake…


 okay… it’s turquoise, and?

1. Annoying san blas

What else…

White sand and coconut trees surrounded by turquoise water. Big deal! Everybody already saw that on TV!

Nothing to do…

If you don’t like to fish, do snorkeling, laze on hammock, drink cocktails, do kayak, barbecue on the beach or explore nature it’s so boring…


 be alone on a desert island is not fun…

2. San Blas mean Loneliness 

No one…

370 islands and 360 Desert islands… you’re serious! Who, want to be in a place where there is nothing and no one…

Desert islands

It’s may be nice for pictures, but, it will be a selfie…


3. Stone age Islands

Some say: old school. No! Tupac and Notorious Big are old school! This is stone age!!!! Even on the inhabited islands, nothing!!! No bank, not even a simple ATM or a supermarket, nothing! They fish and live from gardening ?! They exchange coconuts for other groceries. You never hear about consumption guys… Coconut is not a real money! 


 forget about a normal gifts to bring back home

4. Rustic San Blas

No magnet to bring back home

You can’t buy a classic pareo. What s wrong with them!!! No way to find a basic pareo with a print of the islands on it. No, they are artists… So, they only propose their boring skills, clothes art and kind of extraordinary pareos call Molas. Ahoy Guys! this is 2020! Everybody buy pareos from China!

No choice! Only artisanal souvenirs

Okay… you’re good with sawing and making beautiful jewelry but what about magnet and stickers !


 can i have a glasse ?

5. Disgusting Way of life

You will have to drink coconut juice directly from the coconut! Seriously… no glasses?! you can’t propose me a plastic glasses to throw away after 10 minutes of pure pleasure…


 Even the rain is warm…

6. San Blas mean too hot 

30 degrees…

You can’t wear clothes! Ok… when you are on the boat, it s a bit better, you feel the wind and it’s quite nice, but still! This is winter, I should be watching my Facebook page from the couch with a hot chocolate in my hand, not drinking cocktails half nacked on a stupid catamaran!

Hot rain

Then, you pray for a good rain, and when it finally happen, it’s warm…


 fish everywhere! Even in your plate

7. Dangerous


There is fish everywhere!!! You can’t swim normally, no! Here a fish, there a turtle, watch out for the stingrays, don’t walk on the star fish. Look behind you the corals reef. Even the dolphins won’t stop racing with the boat… What’s wrong here? Sea is not big enough!

Too quiet

 stressful sound of birds and water

8. Sound of Silence


Okay, like that it look good, but when you re use to have the sound of cars, neighbors and bars around, it s really strangely quiet, no moto racing down street. It’s too quiet, so, you wake up. And this #”%*ing little clear sound of water…

Save your Money


You can buy a mp3 with the sound of sea for 5$ at home, and at least, you can stop it!


 more islands than days in 1 year

9. Too Big

When I start something I like to finish it! And we came back before to see all the islands!!!  The Captain laugh and said there is 370 islands, you will have to come back to see all of them… stupid! I will have too come back at least 30 times if I want to see everything.

why be happy

 smiling for nothing, laughing everytime

10. strange People

Strange, way of life

What wrong with this people! They live half naked on some islands where there’s no supermarket, where you can’t have a descent burger, this kids play in nature they dont even have smart phone and video game to play with… and everybody is happy, they all smile and laugh, like if it was normal to dont have a normal office job and to live this way of life

Save your money, don’t travel to San Blas

White sand? Big deal! Walk bare foot on the cat box listening some relaxing sound of ocean at home. You will save your money!

 catamaran San Blas

San Blas Cruises start from 269$, take vacation.



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