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Allow us to treat you to a San Blas Islands Panama journey – and an unforgettable catamaran experience.


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Tripadvisor Reviews - Catamaran San Blas

star rating  Ethical and Client Based - We would book with this company based on their reputation based mainly on reviews and their own experienced recommendations.

From the start both Jepi and Virginie were a pleasure... read more

avatar thumb andykarla
March 6, 2024

star rating  Best experience!  - Best trip ever! This is paradise, and the captain showed it to us at its best! Always telling great stories, finding the best spots for snorkeling, swimming and spending the... read more

avatar thumb miryanay2020
February 7, 2024

star rating  an amazing adventure  - We spent some unforgettable days with friends and unique people from the crew. An amazing combination of the pristine and incredibly beautiful nature in this area, a great time and... read more

avatar thumb Sightseer50888034664
February 4, 2024

What's Included

Premium Liquor and Food Selection

3 delicious meals per day, snacks, drinks, and cocktails

Your Safety is Our Priority

We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

Snorkeling Gear and Water Toys

Dive into adventure with our Exclusive Water Activities.

Professional Crew

Experience the utmost in service and professionalism with our expert crew.

Border Crossing

Panama Colombia Border Crossing​

Get ready for a 5-day, 5-night escapade across the Panama-Colombia border Dive into 3 days of island hopping in San Blas, where snorkeling, village visits, fishing, and beach barbecues await and 2 days of open sea, a real adventure. Our all-inclusive trip offers a seamless ride from boarding to the other side of the border. Whether you're a first-timer or plotting a return with a cheeky stopover, relish the genuine navigation and freedom. Join us in exploring Panama and Colombia, creating memories that outlast the tan lines. All aboard the laughter-filled voyage, any time of the year! 🌊


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Allow us to treat you to a San Blas Islands Panama journey – and an unforgettable catamaran experience.

Birth and Nursing of Dolphins
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About Catamaran San Blas

Catamaran San Blas is a company based in Panama. We propose day or week charter in private catamaran cruises to visit the beautiful San Blas Islands Panama. We also propose catamaran trip to cross the Panamanian border and reach Colombia.


Holidays are sacred!

Allow us to treat you to a San Blas Islands Panama journey – and an unforgettable catamaran experience. 

Picture it: Waking up each morning in front of a beautiful new island and enjoying the stunning view. Recline in your chair just above warm, turquoise water and lounge in the sun. Enjoy the quiet or the company of your friends, because catamarans allow enjoying privacy. Without unknown to worry about on this cozy cruise because it is a private charter, only you and your guests. You decide on your timing, when you want to go ashore or change island because it is your private cruise. You can even jump from your breakfast chair into the warm Caribbean waters for a swim!

Even the best hotels or the biggest cruise ship will never be able to compare. With this San-Blas private charter, we propose real vacations.

Ready to try a San Blas Islands, Panama Charter?

We have all the information you need to feel confident, informed, and ready to dive into San Blas, Panama. There are no forms and no lengthy questions for you to answer. We believe holidays should be relaxing!

You can even customize the specifications for your vacation. let us know about your inquiries. Which catamaran size to choose? How much does it cost? How does a private charter work? can we have air conditioning? What is included in the “all-inclusive” pass? How many options can we add? All you have to know about a boat rental in San Blas is online!

You can also, Just click “email us” and take the first step toward an unforgettable experience in Guna Yala, Panama. If you want to speak with us directly, simply click on the green WhatsApp icon down below.


Sailing San Blas islands Panama

Sailing the San Blas Islands of Panama is one of the most popular navigations in the Caribbean, the first reason for this is that the San Blas Islands are very close to each other.

The archipelago of the San Blas Islands of Panama includes 365 islands spread over a small territory.

The islands are very low in the water and the seabed is shallow, which gives the archipelago of the San Blas Islands of Panama this magnificent turquoise color. In addition to this, the Kuna practice the cultivation of coconuts on the San Blas islands, resulting in the islands being very rich in coconut palms which combine with the turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea and the geographical proximity of these hundreds of islands, gives those who have sailed the San Blas Islands the impression of being in Polynesia.

Sailing San Blas Island is quite simple, but you should not rely solely on the GPS because many corals and shallows are not listed and every year many sailors (experienced for some of them and require assistance to get out of shoals or worse out of the rocks). That is the reason why we don’t do bareboat charters in San Blas. We trust our captains because they perfectly know the area, and also the secret sailing spots of San Blas islands.

The San Blas Islands are not subject to strong winds like the islands of Sint Maarten or the British Virgin Islands, however, there are some strong gales in the San Blas Islands called ”Culo de Pollo” which requires anchoring have enough chain not to drift. If you are sailing in the San Blas Islands these strong winds will require you to be reactive and to be able to lower the sails quickly.


Few tricks to reach san blas islands Panama
1. private plane from albrook airport Panama until Corazon de Jesus san blas panama
It s the fastest way to arrive at the paradise of san blas islands Panama
2. Another way to reach san blas islands Panama is to contract a transport company to book a space in a 4×4 taxi to san blas panama
The land taxi will bring you to cart port in san blas panama from here a water taxi will bring you to your boat or your cabaña to san blas island Panama
All Details, schedule, and Prices Here

San Blas islands Panama map

Navigating through the San Blas Islands can prove to be quite challenging due to the intricate cartography involved. With a staggering count of 365 islands forming the San Blas archipelago in Panama, the task of pinpointing your intended destination on both traditional maps and digital platforms such as Google Maps becomes a formidable endeavor. This complexity is further compounded by the recurrence of familiar names across these islands.

A case in point within the San Blas Islands of Panama is the ubiquity of the name “Banedup,” which resurfaces across various archipelagos. Adding to the multifaceted nomenclature, each island often boasts three to four distinct names: one in the native Kuna language, another in Spanish, a colloquial label, and occasionally a personalized moniker. Therefore, when employing a map of the San Blas Islands, it is crucial to rely exclusively on the Kuna designations, as these are the sole appellations depicted.

It is important to acknowledge that most cartographic representations of the San Blas Islands are prone to inaccuracy due to the sheer volume of information encapsulated within limited spatial confines encompassing 365 individual islands. To gain an accurate perception of the dispersion of these islands within the Panamanian panorama, we highly endorse the Eric Bauhaus book, an exemplary resource that presents a comprehensive San Blas Islands map. This guidebook can be an invaluable companion should you embark on a self-guided tour of the San Blas Islands, providing continuous navigational aid throughout your journey.

Should you entertain the idea of engaging a water taxi service to facilitate a tour of the San Blas Islands, the process is remarkably straightforward. The islands boast a network of indigenous water taxi operators, all of whom possess an intimate understanding of the geography. These skilled mariners do not rely on conventional maps for guidance, as their familiarity with the region is unparalleled. This renders them capable of orchestrating an immersive and informed exploration of the San Blas archipelago.

An alternative approach to experiencing the allure of the San Blas Islands is to charter a catamaran or sailboat. This mode of exploration enables a comprehensive exploration of Panama’s San Blas Islands, offering an unimpeded panorama of this captivating expanse.


Luxury San Blas islands

If your desire is not visiting the san blas islands,  you can also enjoy some luxury san blas islands.
Some kuna are starting to target a higher class of tourists and propose some luxurious cabañas with services and activities such as volley ball, paddle board, fishing or of course san blas islands tour.
Most of the place are simple in san blas islands it s a little percentage of kunas who target a higher level of services and activities in san blas islands Panama
Let s say a 5% of the activity is luxury san blas islands the rest is a nice initiation to kuna life style.
If you are looking in san blas islands for an hotel you ll find few class of san blas islands hotels
Few of them are back packers hotels with dorms most of the time you ll find them in the kunas village of the san blas islands.
A bit off shore on the islands you ll find some other kinds of san blas islands hotel like giant cabaña where can sleep 12 persons.
Or in few san blas islands, you can find some luxury cabañas with private bathroom.
You ll not find any big san blas islands hotel  they all have a small capacity
On the road to san blas panama there is an eco lodge hotel km11 with some waterfalls it s called Pachamama and it s a nice combination with san blas islands panama.

San-Blas is composed of 370 different beautiful islands, boasting of white sand and coconut trees, all surrounded by crystalline water. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or gliding through the water, the beauty is impossible to miss. So why not enjoy an even more immersive experience? Don’t isolate yourself to one island experience – get them all! A San Blas catamaran private charter offers a comfortable, speedy way to navigate between all of the San Blas Islands for maximum luxury. The fun doesn’t stop there. On-board a catamaran, you can:

  • Laze on the front nets
  • Admire the view from on-deck or underneath the cockpit shade
  •  Drink cocktails on the flybridge couch
  • Enjoy large cabins and private bathrooms
  •  Trust in our top-notch security and guided expertise
  •  Enjoy total privacy and ample space to relax


San Blas islands weather  January and February
High season but it s winter so short days.
The lowest temperature of the year and basically good wind and almost no rain in san blas panama
Let s say that is a good month to discover san blas islands by sailing a catamaran or a sailboat.
San blas islands weather  March and April
Temperature get a bit higher in San Blas panama.
The wind is still stable almost no rain it s an excellent time to do a san blas islands sailing charter
San Blas islands weather May and June
Temperature went up in San Blas islands panama day light too
A bit of rain has arrived a bit less wind too
But you will enjoy your San Blas islands sailing tour
One of the best time to sail San Blas islands much less tourists at this time what is a good point for a nice san blas tour
San Blas islands weather  July and August
High season again busy time in San Blas islands panama
A lot of people come to San Blas islands for sailing at this period
Book in advance is recommended
There s a bit a rain with some nice sun a small breeze it s easy breathy in san blas islands panama at this period.
San blas island sailing tour in september and october
Low season again it s time to make some good deal for san blas islands sailing tour
Let s be honest not much wind and some rain but san blas panama is incredible it s one of the best time to sail san blas islands bcz it s almost desert low tourist average on those months
If you do a san blas islands sailing tour on those month you ll find a bunch of desert spot to make a postcard picture of san blas panama
San blas islands weather  November
November is a strange month in san blas panama because the tourism is different there are a lot of public holidays in november not just in san blas islands panama but in the whole country so all the locals come to san blas islands for thoses days so we recommend you to go to off shore islands if you do a san blas sailing tour in november
Out of that low wind and some rain but you ll enjoy the peaceful of san blas islands after the publics holydays
San blas islands weather  December
Welcome to high season again all prices increase 20% for christmas to sail san blas islands.
Mostly everybody is fully booked so for tourists it looks like the best time to sail san blas islands.
Book in advance if you want sail san Blas islands on those dates.
The wind get higher in December and basically almost no rain in san blas panama.
It s the most busy time of the year to sail san blas islands panama.
Hopefully this calendar will help you making your choice to sail the san blas islands.
For our part we spent 12 years in san Blas island sailing and doing sailing charter and we noticed than the weather become a lottery every year and not just in san blas islands panama in the all world. So, our advice will be, the best moment is ” when you can” because there is pros and cons for every months.
Long distance charter
For people interested in sailing longest distance there s am other sailing trip.
Sailing panama to Colombia san Blas islands tour
You can do a departure from Colombia and sail until san blas islands in panama, or departure from san blas islands sailing until cartagena.
Best time to sail san blas island to colombia is May to november the sea is more quiet.
All trips to colombia include a san blas islands sailing tour.
There are differents boats than the san blas islands sailing charter boats
You can contact us if you want calendar of boats sailing from cartagena to san blas islands panama



Welcome in Guna yala (known as San-Blas islands) if you ask yourself what can look like a matriarchal community, you should meet the Kuna people. Let me introduce you to one of the few feminist societies of this planet: San Blas. Kuna people is at the beginning a mix between Mayas and Indians of Amazonia. With the arrival of the European inviders they moved from the jungle to the San-Blas islands where they established themselves. They are a matriarchal society. It s may be cliche but it s a fact than their women society is a lot more open minded than the classical patriarchal one. First of all, people of Guna Yala have no idea about what is feminism or matriarchal society, they just live like that since ever. Women never had to fight to have a place and live in real harmony with Male and nature. Women are free to make up, shave or not, wear traditional clothes or not, and breastfeeding where they want because the traditional way of life Kuna, protect them from the sexualization of the women body.

More information about Kunas here



Kuna People

As open minded persons, the San-Blas people also let the kids free to choose their gender without any pression. So it’s common to see the ones that the Kunas call Omeggid,  what literally mean “like a woman” in the village. This men wear clothes, act and work like the other women of the kuna community. Most of the time male become female, the inverse is really rare, but when it happens, the Guna Yala community accept it the same way. What we call ‘third gender’ is just completely normal in San-Blas. When a boy show tendencies to act as a women, the family naturally accepts and allows him to grow up as he want. Most of the time they do sewing Molas as work and as the others women, they take decisions. You have to understand that It’s not about tolerance, cause tolerance mean that something is not normal, it’s just about being who you wanted to be. And it’s interesting to see this from our American and European point of view, because the Guna Yala people live it really naturally, when the third gender always bring polemics in our societies. This acceptation is a specificity of San Blas and it’s not the same in Panama.

How to make Molas Click here!

More information about Kunas here

Kuna Gender



Open Minded Kuna

As the Albinism (San Blas is the highest rate of albinism in the world and albinos people are sacred for Kunas), the third gender also have a specific place in Guna mythology, Wigudum was a leader and also one of the three children of God, and was half men and half women. Hunting the day time and sawing the evening. It’s important to understand that for GunaYala people Fishing and hunting is considered as the same value than cooking sewing or looking after children: the Gunas do not consider what we call women’s labour to be less important and it’s an important step for equality. (If you want to read more about tradition in San-Blas you can read our article on GunaYala way of life and kuna culture)

More information about Kunas here



kuna fish

So, the women decide for almost everything but are rarely chef or politics. They let this kind of work to men. They prefer working the extraordinary art of sewing Molas (that also, what bring the better income in the family) when a man become an husband, he move from his parent house to the one of his wife, most of the time the men are fisherman and sale their fishing to the tourists to bring back money home, even before the arrival of tourism they were doing the same with pirates and other boats coming from europe. When the couple have their first childs, they raise them in respect of tradition and if the baby is a little girl the whole village make a big ceremony to celebrate the venue of a new women in the community, an other really important Kuna ceremony is also made when a girl pass from teenager to adult, and at the death of the mother, the heritage of land and house will be share between the daughters of the couple. If you want to learn more about Kuna people, traditions of Guna Yala and albinism in San Blas islands you can read our article about the Kuna culture and their history, you will learn more interesting fact about this surprising community before to visit them.


The Kuna people are very open-minded, and if they prefer to wear traditional clothes for themselves, it does not mean that they are closed-minded. It is therefore possible to dress as you wish in the San Blas Islands of Panama, however, nudism and topless are prohibited.


Why shouldn’t you pick up fallen coconuts?

Nothing to do with a sanitary or hygienic problem. Until not long ago the currency used by the Kuna was the coconut, its value is $0.25 for a Kuna and $1 for a tourist. Today the dollar has replaced the coconut, but the Kuna of the San Blas islands continue to use this currency among themselves.

The coconut also represents life, in the sense that the Kunas of the San Blas Islands do not have access to water and therefore for centuries their survival was only possible thanks to rainwater and the precious coconuts. .

Therefore, for the Kuna people of the San Blas Islands of Panama; coconuts are considered a highly precious commodity.

Even the coconuts you can find on the desert islands of San Blas belong to someone and are collected regularly to be exchanged for other products.

It is very unwelcome to serve oneself.

Traveling light is best for several reasons.

*Because you will spend ¾ of your time in a swimsuit

*Because the lancha that takes you to San Blas from the port of Carti cannot be overloaded and the maximum size allowed is an airplane cabin type suitcase.

*Because if you go to San Blas by plane, it is also not possible to be too heavy on board and a “cabin type suitcase” is recommended.


What should I pack in my suitcase for the San Blas Panama Islands?

*2 swimsuits (5 if you like fashion)

*1 or 2 beach towels


*1 mosquito repellent spray for the sunset on the islands (on board the boats there are never mosquitoes)

*Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat (an anti-UV T-shirt if your skin is very sensitive)

*Camera and charger

*1 light cotton or linen pants

*1 lightweight long-sleeved cotton or linen shirt

*2 shorts / 2 T-shirts

*Cash money because there is no ATM or bank in the San Blas Islands and your bank card will be useless if you want to buy a souvenir from the Kuna people or go for a drink in a local bar

*Your passport to be able to enter the territory of Guna Yala (San Blas islands Panama)


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